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HSBC Bank USA, National Association

Total Merchant Services is now providing next-generation terminal equipment to merchant locations
Even the shipping's free!

Hypercom Optimum T4100

Optimum T4100 Dual Comm Dial & IP Enabled Terminal + MagTek MICRImage Check Imager + all cables FREE! ($750 value)

Accept Credit Cards for Business Today!

We want you to have the BEST EQUIPMENT POSSIBLE, and just like a cell phone dealer offering free cell phones or a satellite TV company offering free dishes, we don’t think you should have to pay for it.

UPGRADE YOUR EQUIPMENT TODAY. We’ll give it to you BRAND NEW. We’ll make it state-of-the-art and IP-enabled. Use the IP feature or don’t, but you’ll still have the ability to hook it up at any time.

And with this FREE, PRE-PROGRAMMED, MULTI-APPLICATION TERMINAL, not only will you quickly process credit and debit cards in 2 to 4 seconds, but you’ll also be able to accept a check just like a credit card. Run a customer’s check through the imager, hand the check back to the customer, and the money automatically gets deposited into your account. Now that’s an upgrade.

If you cannot get all of this from your current provider, it’s time to make a change, because WE’LL DO ALL OF THAT – FOR FREE! Total Merchant Services guarantees that YOU WILL NOT PAY MORE MONEY IN PROCESSING FEES when taking advantage of our Free Terminal Placement program.

Check out our Low Rates and Fees!
Discount Rate
Transaction Fee
Retail (Card Present-Swiped) 1.58% $0.18
Retail (Check Card- Swiped) .58% $0.22
Monthly Statement Fee $7.00 N/A

Check Guarantee
Discount Rate Transaction Fee
Check (Check Present-Swiped) 1.29% $0.12
Monthly Statement Fee $10.00 N/A

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